My Story

Welcome to the new Planeta Vino! I’m Mary O’Connor and after more than 10 years living in Madrid, Spain, I’m currently based in Miami Florida…

I feel like have one foot here in the US and one foot still back in Madrid!

Planeta Vino was originally the website for my wine tasting school and wine events business in Madrid. Now it’s primarily a blog on Spanish wine and food, great places to go in Spain and other Iberian type subjects.  It’s also home to the new Planeta VIno, wine events here in Miami, in Spain and wherever you might need me!

Spanish food is seemingly everywhere in the US and is quite popular at the moment thanks to high-profile chefs such as Jose Andres.  Despite this I still find it is pretty hard to find places that walk the line between respecting Spanish traditions and innovating enough to add that something special. Also a lot of what is billed as “spanish” is anything but!  I’m excited to find some of the good places as well as discover the new gems in Madrid and around Spain on my trips back there.

Spanish wine is less well represented here in the US than Spanish cuisine; it definitely does not get the respect it is due for offering top-notch wines at extremely good prices. Ten years of immersing myself in these wines have really instilled me with a missionary zeal to spread the gospel of Spanish wine!

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