Spanish Wine Review: Amizade Godello 2011

by mary on August 11, 2013

Amizade Godello 2011: Spanish wine from the Monterrei region

I always love to recommend another Spanish wine made with Godello …one of my favorite grape varieties! I had the Amizade 2011 with Asian fusion flavors at one of my favorite Madrid fast food spots, StreetXO, and it was a perfect match. This 2011 has very floral and citrus notes and it really handled the complex Asian combinations well. It’s a fairly simple wine but really crisp and attractive and just what you are looking for in this case. The price is really budget friendly at about 10€ in Spain and about 15-20$ here in the US. The labels for the Spanish and US market are completely different, you can see the Spanish label here…the US label is totally black.

The 2010 vintage of this wine is mentioned in a New York Times article about Godello from 2012. It mentions “light minerality” as part of the flavor profile. I have only tasted the 2011, maybe it’s the vintage, but the wine did not seem mineral at all but rather fruity and floral, with a bit of lees. My favorite Godellos are generally intensely mineral but in this case the easy floral and citrus notes made it a much better match for the StreetXO dishes. I hope to try the 2010 soon as the 2011 has not arrived in the US market yet.

The Amizade is a collaboration between top Albariño producer Do Ferreiro and the American importer De Maison Selections in the region of Monterrei in Galicia. It is mostly Godello, with a touch of the Treixadura variety added in. It spent 12 month aging with its lees in stainless steel.

Check out some more of my recommended Godellos here, here and here. If you see the Amizade at a good price, it’s a good introduction to Godello….give it a whirl! Any favorite Godellos out there?


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