Madrid’s Best Restaurants: Street XO

by mary on August 8, 2013

StreetXO: one of Madrid's best restaurants

You have to eat standing up and you are on the top floor of a department store, but despite that StreetXO is one of the most exciting places to eat in Madrid at the moment. This is the casual street food outpost of the most sought after reservations in Madrid, Diverxo. Chef David Muñoz is now presenting his Asian fusion cuisine at this open kitchen joint where the music is loud, the atmosphere slightly chaotic, and young dynamic chefs prepare each dish fresh to order. Really unique flavor combinations and beautiful presentations made for exciting, adventurous eating. I loved all the dishes I tried and wished I could fit more! The location is actually great…in the awesome Gourmet Experience Gran Via on the top floor of the El Corte Ingles Callao. Stay for a drink afterwards and watch the sun set over the rooftops of Madrid!

Cozy up to the bar and you’ll soon be presented with a paper menu and some drinks options. I loved the short but sweet wine list. I first had a glass of Alsatian Pinot Gris and then the very nice Amizade Godello. Also some nice beers available.

StreetXO: one of Madrid's best restaurants

You order and the chefs prepare your dishes two feet away from you…flames and smoke rise up with the music; it makes for a great atmosphere! Everything is prepared to order and dishes arrive in a somewhat random order, but it’s all pretty efficient despite the crowds.

StreetXO: one of Madrid's best restaurants

Fire and mohawks in the kitchen

All the dishes were so creative and so detailed, with multiple components. They seemd busy but were actually very simple and the primary components really shone through. The presentation was just beautiful, adding to the eating experience. The descriptions were also great, which made it very difficult to settle on a few dishes.

StreetXO: one of Madrid's best restaurants

Gambas a la quinta potencía

Our first dish had the very pretty name, “Gambas a la quinta potencía,” or “shrimp to the fifth power,” and gives an idea of the intensity of the shrimp flavor. It was shrimp dumplings in a shrimp sauce topped with shrimp chips and powdered shrimp. The perfect way to eat it was to mix it all together…that’s when all that shrimpiness came together!

StreetXO: one of Madrid's best restaurants

Pulpo glazeado

Our next amazing dish was the pulpo glazeado, or glazed octopus. The description was quite lengthy and as you can see from the photo below, the dish had many components, including some ethereal algae chips. The octopus melted in your mouth yet had a nice charred element from being previously grilled. A real star of the dish was the whole braised in black butter…quite stunning!

StreetXO: one of Madrid's best restaurants

Saam de panceta ibérica before

Hard to pick a favorite, but certainly the funnest dish of the night was the Saam de panceta ibérica con mejillones, Saam of ibérico panceta with mussels (and shiitakes). You can see the before and after shots above and below. All the amazing flavorful components were rolled up in our lettuce shells…messy and so flavorful! Two sauces…sriracha and tartare, made it so juicy. The panceta was the real star but the vinegar-cured mussels added a really special element.

StreetXO: one of Madrid's best restaurants

Saam de panceta ibérica after

The prices are all pretty reasonable, ranging from 9 to 15 euros. The atmosphere and service are added pluses. This is a great place to stop by and have a tapa and a drink or to have a full meal….it’s tough to stop after one!

If you live in Madird…this is a must! If you’re visiting, this is a great insight into what some young Spanish chefs are doing off the beaten track.

StreetXO inside the Gourmet Experience Gran Via. El Corte Ingles Callao, plaza de Callao, 2, Madrid. Open until 11am-12am 7 days a week.


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