Spanish Wine Review: Oloroso Bodegas Tradición 30yrs

by mary on July 19, 2013

Bodegas Tradición Oloroso Sherry: great Spanish wine

My second Spanish wine while back in Madrid (and here I’ll stop counting) had to be a sherry…anspectacular one it was! Bodegas Tradición never disappoints with its small line of complex, aged sherries and the 30yr Oloroso was no exception. Though dry, the multi-layer, complex nutty, roasted and cocoa notes in this amazing wine made it a perfect ending with my coffee after a very rich meal. I love that this oxidized wine stays fresh for months after opening and can be enjoyed in small pours. Though not inexpensive at around 40€ or 75$, it is really great value…what other 30-year old wine can be enjoyed for this price?

Though only founded in 1998, Bodegas Tradición was founded by members of old sherry families who were committed to making top, aged sherries. Thanks to the Solera system of aging, with the right connections and financial resources, it is possible to get access to older wines for sherry blends. They produce only four main wines, all of which have received many accolades for quality. The four styles produced are Amontillado, Palo Cortado, Oloroso, and Pedro Ximenez. The first three are 30 years old wines while the PX is 20 years old. They all range in price between 40 and 50€.

All of them are amazing complex wines that really show the uniqueness and versatility of sherry. The Amontillado is the lightest and tanginess style, though with 30 years of aging this Bodgas Tradición wine has remarkable depth and complexity. It is remarkably food friendly and matches really well with salty and acidic foods. The Palo Cortado has some similar characteristics but also has some attractive candied fruit aromas, though it is completely dry. It is also a great match for savory, salted, smoked foods.

The Oloroso is much richer and nuttier and though dry can be a great digestive, also a great match for cheeses, pâtés and game. Finally the PX is intensely fruity, with dried fruits of types, figs, dates, raisins. Also coffee and caramel aromas. An ideal match with cheese, blue cheeses, fruit cakes, coffee, and dark chocolate. I had mine in lieu of dessert with coffee after my fantastic steak meal at Vaca Nostra.

The winery also makes some very special, rare, single vintage sherries that are very hard to find.

It’s so great that sherry bars are becoming fashionable in certain markets, in London and New York. DC just got its first sherry bar, Mockingbird Hill! Sherry and ham bar! Flights of sherry! How exciting is that!

Let’s hope this sherry trend continues and this difficult, complex, but so rewarding wine, continues to grow in popularity.

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