Wine news: Zarcillos 2013 Wine Competition

by mary on May 2, 2013

Zarcillos de Oro: Spanish wine competition

The Zarcillos de Oro 2013 will be held in Valladolid, Spain from 21-24 May. This biannual international wine competition was first held in 1991 and the last edition included 3,000 entries from 23 countries. It was originally organized by the regional government at a very crucial time for the wines of Castilla Leon, when both the system and wines were undergoing tremendous changes. The idea was to incentivize the production of the highest quality wine while introducing to a wider audience the wines of the area. Added to those initial national goals over the years has been the equally important goal of the competition as an international fine wine encounter.

The Competition is facilitating international sample entry with local receiving agents. The receiving agent in the US is the Ramondin Company in Napa Valley. The cut-off date for entries is 8 May. Inscription fees are a very reasonable 100€ for the first sample. All the information for entering samples is available at the English-language version of the Zarcillos website. Or you can contact them for more information.


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