Spanish Wine Review: Ferrer Bobet Vinyes 2010

by mary on April 3, 2013

Ferrer Bobet Spanish wine

I love Ferrer Bobet wines because they totally embrace the terroir that has made the Priorat region famous but also have a slight modern and clean edge that makes them stand out from the pack. Priorat offers us such amazing wines, so full of intensity, earthiness, and personality, but often at a big price. I often other Spanish wines at substitutes for the budget conscious consumer, such as those from neighboring Montsant. But the Ferrer Bobet Vinyes Velles is really good value for a top flight Priorat, only about 30€ in Spain, under 50$ here in the US. I would recommend this wine to anyone who loves a California Cab in that price range.

Ferrer Bobet is an amazing winery to visit and really represents the perfect intersection of total dedication to the the unique land of Priorat and cutting edge, yet minimalist wine-making techniques. They currently offer two wines, the Vinyes Velles, and also the Selecció Especial, which is from specially selected parcels. The Selecció is really impressive in its concentration and has a more typical Priorat price tag at about 60€ in Spain.

Ferrer Bobet is the joint passion project of Sergio Ferrer and Raul Bobet. They have been dedicated to using and preserving old vine sites of Carignan and Grenache in the Porrera sub-zone of Priorat and will soon also have available somewhat larger quantities of a variety of vines they planted themselves when they started the winery in 2002. Sergio Ferrer also owns the amazing Monvinic wine bar and restaurant in Barcelona and Raul Bobet is making wine at Castell d’Encus at 1000m in western Catalunya…a project that arose as an answer to global warming issues in Spanish winemaking.

I was fortunate enough to taste the Vinyes Velles 2009 and 2010 together and both can be found on the market easily at the moment. It was fascinating it see the different in the vintages. Both wines are 65% Cariñena, 34% Garnacha, and 1% Cabernet Sauvignon and have 15 months aging in in French oak. The 2009 really showed its Priorat intensity…huge black fruit, big tannins, long, brooding. The perfect balance of oak as usual. A most typical Priorat profile, but all cleaned up in the Ferrer Bobet style.

The 2010, was totally different…aromatic, floral, fresher acidity on the palate. Also intense and long but so elegant. This was my baby! This was Priorat in the 90s. Reminds me of the guys going for a lighter style like Terroir al Limit. I totally dig this style! So food friendly, but also so fun to drink on it’s own.

So if you are ready for a step up from basic Priorat such as Camins de Priorat, look for Ferrer Bobet Vinyes Velles for a great premium Priorat wine experience at a very decent price.

Have you tried this wine? What did you think? Is there another Priorat you love?


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