Tasty and Beautiful Toro Wine

by mary on October 12, 2012

The striking label on Matsu “el Recio” draws you in, the man's face fascinates in its stark realism. The taste of the wine brings you back again and again. This wine is from biodynamic producer Matsu in the Toro region of Spain. This is the middle wine of the range, a sort of crianza, with 14 months in oak, and my favorite. It offers the intense black fruit and structure typical of Toro with just enough oak. There is a great balance that makes it quite easy to drink. It's a fantastic value at about 12 euros!

It's part of a range of realistic labels that represent both the style of the wine in terms of maturity and complexity and a different generation that devotes his life to the vineyard. The younger man, el Picaro, is for the joven or “young” wine, with the least oak. The grandfather figure, el Viejo, is for the reserva style wine with 16 months oak. All of them are made with Tinta de Toro, the local version of Tempranillo, are very reasonably priced in their category, and make beautiful gift wines.

Here is a link to a cool video about the wines on you tube.


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