Antonio Banderas invests in Ribera del Duero

by mary on March 31, 2009

Anta 10, a Spanish wine from Ribera del DueroInvesting in wineries has become trendy among the well-heeled and famous in Spain.  In general it’s a trend that is positive….it shows that wine is becoming more high profile.  The most high profile area for celebrity investment has been Ribera del Duero, one of Spain’s trendiest areas.  Ribera del Duero is the cool wine to drink amongst affluent Spaniards at the moment…Rioja was the region that their paretns prefered.   Also the big, oaky wines of Ribera offer the intense sensations that many people are looking for in wine today.  So I was not surprised to read the other day that Antonio Banderas has bought the winery Bodegas Anta in Ribera.  I was not surprised that he chose to invest there instead of his native Malaga.  Definetely for a quicker return on your investment, Ribera is the place to acquire a winery…however, it would have been really nice to see Banderas bet on the up and coming red wines coming out of Malaga.   See  my article on the great wines from Ronda.  Anta is a respectable winery making some decent Riberas…I’ve had their A5 and their A10, but not their higher end wines A16 and A de Anta.  I was favorably impressed with the A10, quite nice for a Ribera around 11€…usually Riberas at that price range are quite thin on fruit.  I’m looking forward to trying their high end bottles…this si where Riera should shine.  No doubt we’ll be hearing more about this winery now that Banderas is associated….I hope it results in great wines!

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