Wine may increase cancer risk in women…let’s not panic

by mary on March 2, 2009

Wine Drinking may cause cancer in women Various media sources came out this week citing a new study that shows that event the moderate consumption of alcohol in woman increases their risk of cancer.    In recent years drinking wine in moderation has been cited as being heart healthy.   This new study, which tracked 1 million women, concluded that just one drink a day of any kind, increases your overall cancer risk by 6% up to the age of 75 years old.  This does not necessarily eradicate the good influences a glass of wine each evening has, but it certainly puts a damper on the drinking for health love fest that has abounded for the past few years.  I do not feel too dismayed by all this; I figure that lots of what I do has some kind of nefarious effect on my heath.  I certainly hope that we do not see the kind of extreme reaction that we saw over the French paradox in the early 90’s, when thousands switched to red wine from white because in theory the French eat butter and do not die of heart attacks.  We have to remember that in our modern lives, we are constantly exposed to chemicals and emanations that surely impact our health tremendously.  We can hardly go through life cutting out anything that might have a negative impact…we would also eliminate much of what make sour lives so rich and interesting.  We take risks everyday just by leaving out houses, driving, travelling etc.  The benefits of wine lie not only in its health impact or in the effect it’s alcohol has upon us….it is so much more….wine is an important relaxation tool in our busy lives.  We often disconnect from our hectic lives while sipping a glass of wine after work or with our friends.  Though it may sound excessive to some, for me wine is an art form that also provides physical pleasure to the senses.  A theoretical 6% more risk of cancer cannot outweigh wine’s vital place in my life and my well-being.  So here’s one woman who will not give up her daily glass…..

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